Author: Tell our earlier cases

A note to Our Author: The letters keep coming, a bunch from some organization I only recently heard of called the Mallory Greenstock Admiration League (MyGAL). I don’t mean to be churlish, but just so I’ll have something intelligent to write back to them about, I’m wondering why you decided to begin with me at such an advanced age. Already in my 40s. That doesn’t seem entirely fair, considering I’ve been working cases—some of them pretty interesting—for about 15 years before you caught up with us in what you decided to call Everything Is Jake. Why? Just because you could make hay of the last line? Personally I’d have preferred you title it The Case of the Hijacked President (you see the pun there? it brings up trucking). It’s not like TR’s earlier cases wouldn’t sell. The one I’d call The Singular Adventures of the Elusive Mr. Sillysauce—we were in the prime of our 30s then—would make a dandy tale. Any chance of seeing that one in print? I bet every single member of the Sillysauce Society would snap up multiple copies. How about it?—MG


  1. Really, Mallory, I think it’s obvious why our series began with a tale of you and me and the president of the United States. Because it has you and me in it. We weren’t exactly participants in the Sillysauce caper, though I agree it’s a dandy.

  2. Peace unto you all! Are you forgetting the NDA you made me sign—in quadruplicate? I think you were the one who drafted it, Mallory. I’m allowed to tell only those stories specifically authorized by TR, Khaki, and you, and only after a thorough vetting. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the whole month earlier this year when you made me crawl through the manuscript and take out what would have been Chapter 26. And then there was the shower scene. But any time you want to spill the beans, I’m standing by to record. In fact, we’re overdue for dinner.

    1. The shower scene was TR showing off. Plus that thing with the second overhead nozzle was beyond embarrassing. Even Spenser drew the line at intimate physical details. Re dinner: I’ll have Lydia give you a call.—MG

    1. Funny you should ask. I’ve been trying to track it down. I even asked TR if he would look into it for me but so far he’s ducked the request, everyday with a different excuse, like: Are you sure you really want to know? What if it’s a stalker? Or your mother? Does it really matter? What are you going to do when you find out? Typical TR. So far all I can say is they don’t have a website and appear to have run the operation via snail mail, if you can imagine such a thing. I did hear from the assistant to the executive director, who says they started with one person and membership is now up to 312. Also, they’ve postponed an annual December get-together until next summer, for the obvious reason. I said I doubted I would go.—MG

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