About T. R. Softly’s Gang

Our Author kindly gave me first word on what, after all, is named for me, T. R. Softly, consulting detective. It’s a website devoted to all the characters in our first public adventure, chronicled in Everything Is Jake, now on sale everywhere. Here’s the plan: We are going to talk to each other, and our… Continue reading About T. R. Softly’s Gang

Literary connections

T. R. Softly writes: The other day I heard from a reader who wants to know how it came to be that my adventures with Khaki and Mallory, not to mention Potus Pohtiss and GOGS, found their way into a book. It’s not that we needed any more word-of-mouth referrals. We had more than we… Continue reading Literary connections

Fortified by Rum

A belated Season’s Greetings to all our readers. TR here, reporting that our marvelous New Year’s celebrations have just subsided, the last of the guests having finally found flights home. Unlike previous years, it was nearly a full house: Mom and Pop came, all the way from, well, you probably don’t know quite where, but… Continue reading Fortified by Rum

Author: Tell our earlier cases

A note to Our Author: The letters keep coming, a bunch from some organization I only recently heard of called the Mallory Greenstock Admiration League (MyGAL). I don’t mean to be churlish, but just so I’ll have something intelligent to write back to them about, I’m wondering why you decided to begin with me at… Continue reading Author: Tell our earlier cases

Mostly, no comment

My name is Mallory Greenstock. That’s not me in the picture. Since it’s plainly visible, I suppose it’s what the Author thinks I look like. But the gesture is pure me. Everything is a big shush, confidential, a secret. I’m an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. I work in… Continue reading Mostly, no comment

Getting one thing straight

Lately I’ve been inundated with mail from all over wanting me to send along autographed pictures or go to dinner or endorse medical compression stockings. Let’s get one thing straight. I’m a psychologist, a medical doctor, and a PhD neuroscientist. Ever since the book came out, people seem to think I’m some sort of celebrity… Continue reading Getting one thing straight

Now that I’m famous . . .

How come I’m always the last to learn important things about life here at PBDS? I mean, I just heard that we have this “screening room” or whatever it is where we can get in touch with each other — without leaving home. Well, what I want to know is whether we get perks now… Continue reading Now that I’m famous . . .

About T. R. Softly

T.R. Softly is someone I’d like to know in real life; he was only partly self-consciously willed on the page. Friends have asked if he is me. No. He’s a generation younger, has a working knowledge of things I can only pretend to, occupies his time in very different ways, and has a capacity for… Continue reading About T. R. Softly