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Everything is Jake TR Softly detective novel by Jethro K. Lieberman

A federal plea deal in Manhattan goes off the rails when a mob boss inexplicably recants his testimony days after voluntarily confessing to a lifetime of crime. To find out what happened, the Feds call in T. R. Softly, detective fiction’s newest and most intuitive sleuth. Softly’s search takes him to Washington, D.C., where the “oddest of the forty-odd presidents of the United States” is suddenly laying plans to evaporate the U.S. Government, as assassination rumors percolate in dark corners. Co-opted into partnering with a secret government agency, Softly struggles to understand how many games are being played and by whom. A twisting, rollicking tale that enthralls until the last page.


“A sweetly fantastical satire just perfect for readers in the mood.”

“Lively . . . Witty prose complements the clever plotting”

– Publishers Weekly

“A book for the multitudes”

– James D. Zirin, Former Southern District of New York Prosecutor

“The perfect novel of our times”

– Deborah Archer, President, ACLU

“Everything a great thriller is supposed to be.”

– Jon Land, USA Today Best-Seller and author, Murder on the Metro

“This smart book holds your attention to the very end.”

– Annette Gordon-Reed, Carl M. Loeb University Professsor, Harvard University, and author, On Juneteenth

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